Generation Soweto

By July 22, 2015 Film, Urban Art One Comment

Generation Soweto is a documentary film about Millennials in South Africa and The Tech Generation in a Developing Nation. The film explores youth culture through the eyes of four 18-30 year olds in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, the suburbs of Sandton to the streets of Soweto.

Generation Soweto is not a retrospective. It’s a look at current political and social climate, 20 years after the ending of Apartheid in South Africa. We explore the job market, entrepreneurship, rising costs of living, technology in a developing country and what gentrification means to young South Africans. Today’s South African youth, face the first time in the history of the country where social equality seems almost within reach. Through the eyes of our cast we will also explore the way in which the current political climate is influencing their dreams and goals.

The film makers are currently campaigning on IndieGoGo to complete this production and tell their story.You can support them by donating to the campaign here

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